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Heres a lil primer for the adventure: I wrote a non-linear plot that focuses on the everyday consequences of ordinary folks behaving badly. Since i despise the formulaic module system in d&d and the canned epic nature of diametric opposition and objective good and evil conflict. all the stories are just lame. So i explore themes where ‘evil people’ serve there ends and seek to enrich the lives of everyone else at the same time. And ‘good people’ look to insulate themselves and behave selfishly in order to protect their communities. Which is worse? Long is the road and curved is the path that leads to damnation. So this experience is fraught with melee, puzzles, roleplay and some genuine discussion of what it means to do the greater good. Seems more interesting that way.

The story picks up after the Time of Troubles so many of the town or geographical features may have changed since the tumult. Cartographers the world over still struggle to document the world as it is after the death of Bane and Mystra.

Bane was the god Strife and Vengenance. He was destroyed by Torm the True, God of Virtue and Righteousness. In the Battle, queue drumroll, Torm was sickened by Bane Magicks. Cyric, an ordinary if scurilous mortal somehow adopted the mantle of Bane but was subsequently annihilated by Erythnull, God of Slaughter. Torm withered but not before passing his godhood to Heironymous, his servitor. During all this Port Charles Godly drama life for the little people was exceedingly difficult what with down being up and rivers flowing north, magic not working, y’know, that old chestnut. So, Mystra, Goddess of Magic and the Weave (the neato thing that provides mystical energy to us everyday folks) killed herself to set everything right. She was replaced by another seemingly ordinary mortal named Midnight who subsequently abdicated her role, or was subsumed by the Powers Wee Jas and Boccob. They became gods in their right as of this time. They are responsible for the Weave now and everthing is more or less right with the world.

Except it isn’t. Some communities where wholly destroyed by brimstone falling from the sky, or prismatic rain that burned like acid. Mountain systems sprouting like spring flowers, Gods waging war in your backyard. Even today, fifteen years after the calamities, weird areas persist. Magic doesn’t function according to its predetermined systems, priests lose contact with their faith and gods. Rumors abound of the higher powers of good and evil, like angels and demons wandering the lands under the guise of humanity interacting directly with folks in a day to day manner.

Main Page

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