Shillsport Unearthed

Story Recap up-to-the-minute
Shillsport session five

Here is the recap. Everyone can be in the know. I included some details which may have been foggy or poorly explained. ahem. It happens. If you, the reader, thinks this time-line is incomplete, please let me know.


*Shillsport Timeline:

CY 1368, Week 19, Planting:

Moons-day: Characters begin arriving in Shillsport. Commons Market Opening Day. First day of Spring according to Mitter’s almanac. Boats begin arriving enroute to Waterdeep. Notice posted for miners to prepare for duty on Moons-day, Week 20. Bounty posted a week ago for Orcs. (10 julians) The town elders don’t allow open weaponry in the town proper without sanction. The calendar used in Shillsport is unique. Five day weeks. Six weeks in a month. No one in town really questions it. Nor can they provide any info on how long they have used it. “It’s just always been that way. Works good enough I reckon.” Orcs spotted again East of the SouthFields. Gallantine, Priest of Pelor, introduces himself after seeing the PC’s reading the town post with weapons placards hanging from their beltloops. He ask them to keep an eye out. Tueros, Itinerant of Pelor, is missing. Ghelendar works a deal for meat and hides with Jared Skirting at the Amble Inn. Chek Magreb purchases a jeweler’s crucible and tongs from Fedor Blacksmith. Everyone gets their wooden placards (permitting them to carry weapons in town, “B”) and depart in the afternoon to poke around for the sake of the town, fame and profit.

The PC’s do some checking around the SouthFields. They find a graveyard, two queer looking Orcs smelling of sulphur and a Rust Monster. The Orcs use fire magic! The decison is made to flee from the rust monster and pursue the Orc that got away. He is tracked to a spy hole near the trail to Waterdeep. The Orc bodies are hauled back to town so the party can claim the bounty. Simon Post chastises the group, Gisla actually, for lacking discretion. He tells her to bury the heads of the fallen brigands behind the house where Gallantine is staying with Tailor Jacob and Wife Marie Strum. Some more running around occurs to Gaius Sejanus’ money-changing office and the port office for a meeting with Lexandrus Tolemy, portmaster.

PC’s learn:

PC’s must report to Mayor Rufus or ‘Simon Post’ to accept the bounty. (Jared) Monies must be tendered in Julians for any transaction in town. Sejanus exchanges gold for Julians 1 to 9. (Gaius) Folk are superstitious. (Simon) Most decisons concerning the town are ultimately made by Mayor Rufus or Portmaster Lexandrus. They are old friends. (Simon) Jared Skirting offers kind rates in the Amble Inn if the PC’s help the town and don’t cause any trouble. (Jared) Paladin Tueros has been missing for 13 days. (Gallantine) Everyone in town is excited the trading/planting season has started. (Buzz) Chester works on the docks. (Chester) Mayor Rufus has been gone for several weeks to Marsember. (Simon) Jaque Mitter is the Farmers Guildmaster and head of the Town Militia. There is a livery, stable and armory on the western edge of town. (Simon)

War-day: At the beginning of the day, Rufus addresses the Commons inaugurating another safe and profitable year for Shillsport. Travelling through the night he returns through the Dalelands with this year’s commodities report. He learns Sembia now has sugar from the Southlands for trading. He has fifty pounds. He claims more is to follow due to the contract he just signed with Delornius Azont, commodities merchant of Marsember. Also, he openly compares Shillsport’s prosperity to Luskan’s. He makes a joke about the chagrin of Avar Chief Frumgar and his wife Delores being upstaged by such able-bodied ‘Port-folk.’ “We won’t just lie down for those Northern Pretties. And Im off this afternoon with our broker for Olgaunt. After all its the least I can do.” His closing leaves the townsfolk laughing. The ‘least I can do’ is an inside joke for Shillsport. A friendly Townmember explains it for the PC’s. “Living out in the frontier is a tough road to hoe. Nobody can get by in such uncivilized lands by doing the least they can do. In the last few summers Shillsport has seen success on top of success. We are really fortunate to make a life here in Shillsport.” PC’s also learn a brief history of Shillsport, Luskan, Frumgar and Delores. PC’s can find Mayor Fecundt at the Amble Inn talking with Gaius Sejanus over a breakfast of potatoes and meat. PC’s hear townsfolk gossiping that Augusta Farmer, wife of Davos Farmer, is missing since noontime. Scouts from Luskan posing as independent beaver trappers take up residence at the Amble Inn in the afternoon. PC’s set out for the further investigaton south of town. They go to Fedor, they hear about the weapons sanction and they must meet Jaque Mitter for weapons inventory (arrows and whatnot). Ghelendar negotiates with Fedor for slag, gets a stern talking-to about ‘neccasary rules for keeping the peace’ i.e. marching a bloody sack of trophies through the Commons. During an encounter with two different teams of the smelly, misshapen Orcs, Ghelendar falls. Beyerl takes the corpse to Gallantine for help and last rites while Gisla, and Zona collect evidence and trophies from the fallen Orcs. That evening, Gisla, Zona and Beyerl go to Simon’s because the can’t find Gaius to collect their money for the twelve slaughtered orcs. Simon makes an offer to Gisla to investigate Rufus’ home. He offers his Sembian Hunter (dagger +1). Simon convinces Gisla, Beyerl and Zona of his frustration concerning these troubling events with the Mayor’s odd behavior over the winter, increased Orc activity, and Gaius’ increasingly foul mood. He wants the Shillsport General Ledger or Rufus’ Journal. Simon claims Gaius Sejanus is a fell wizard manipulating Rufus. Simon says, “Rufus might be unknowingly undermining Jaque Mitter’s militia because of this wizard’s magicks. His journal will have evidence of this charm possibly. Mayor Rufus keeps record of everything going on in town. There’s got to be something important in his book. You’re doing everyone in town a service. I would try it myself except the consequences are too high. I’ve lived here four years. I really want to get to the bottom of this but I need evidence. If I was caught, folks in town wouldn’t understand why I did it.” Zona discovers sexual depravations in the moonlight after successfully cracking into Rufus’ office cupboard and leaving the home.

Before the start of play award 1950 experience point awards. Gehlender gets an extra 1000, Gisla gets an extra 500, Zona gets an extra 250.

PC’s learn:

Simon has some connection to Sembia and he owns Sembian Royalty contraband. Rufus claims to have just returned from Sembia but it isn’t possible to make the trip using the course he took in that amount of time. (Beyerl and Gisla) Gisla knows it isn’t possible for sugar to be in Sembian port so early in the year. The sack is actually sugar. (Zona) Tueros is from Sembia. He is quite famous for his exploits. He once killed a green dragon but everyone in his team was killed. Tueros and Gallantine have lived in Shillsport for ten months.(Gisla and Gallantine) Gaius Sejanus dislikes Gisla after she unwittingly embarrased him during breakfast. (Gaius) Rufus and Gaius have a voyueristic, exhibitionist and ritualized homosexual relationship. A barbarian outsider lives in the mountains near the Salt Mine entrance. He wears Avar tribal markings eagle feathers in his braids and orange beads sewn into his hides. (Combat) Beyerl discovers a small clay jar in the spy hole where they killed an Orc yesterday. The craftsmanship isn’t Orcish. These Orcs are capable of raising very large fires. They are alert and tactically cunning. Their language doesn’t sound strictly Orcish. Gallantine has had a divination breakthrough. His augury with Pelor has shown him a very likely location where Tueros is captive. He commits to helping the PC’s make battle to retrieve Tueros if they will leave as soon as possible. He draws a map and gives it to Beyerl. He begins to anoint Ghelendar’s body. (Gallantine) Zona was branded on the right hand by the magical office cupboard in Rufus’ house – Pentacle. (Zona)

Rivers-day: An Elven triuna arrives shortly after dawn to return a boy discovered in High Forest. The boy isn’t from Shillsport. Jared Skirting puts him to work in the Stables after breakfast. The Elves are unconcerned with the boys’ welfare. They only seek to keep humanity out of their ancestral lands. They depart after speaking with Jared; leaving him a small pouch of copper ingots for the boy. Jared discusses his despair for the boy, his relief that he was discovered safely in such a verboten place and his anguish about the omen of orphans showing up on his doorstep. Jared asks Beyerl to deliver the boy to Davos Farmer. Jared promises to look after the boy and defend him when the rumors start. Jared would be very grateful to Beyerl if he would deliver the boy, a wagon, the ingots and some of Melanie’s cookies to Davos. A large shipment of winter wheat arrives in town. Locals are excited. Simon discovers the Luskan spies in the Amble Inn tavern. He recognizes an Avar totem tatoo peeking out from underneath a shirt. He brings his suspicions up to Gisla and Zona in an off-hand way. “Don’t see there kind around here. That can’t be good.” The PC’s decide to intervene surreptiously. In any event, Simon asks the PC’s “keep this under your hat. This can really stir up the dirt around here.” Rufus and Lexandrus depart after breakfast time to Olgaunt to negotiate with some fanfare following them to the port. Five ‘Orcs’ and five Worgs raid the Commons. Upsetting carts, causing a ruckus looking for female villagers.

DONE: All melee participants earn 1760 x.p.

PC’s learn:

Barbarians often demand tribute. The barbarian shakedown happens infrequently, regardless of invasion. Nothing new here. No tribes, other than the Avar, are so ambitious to travel so far south. (Simon) Villagers are relieved to see someone succeeding versus the Orc menace. But the emergence of so many precedents in such a short period of time have left them paranoid. Orcs raiding the town proper, Elves visiting, openly brandished weapons, bad omens from the antogistic High Forest across the river, villager disappearances, lower game populations north of town, Town leadership away on business. (Jared) Gallantine discreetly arranges for Ghelendar and Beyerl to stay with him in Jacob Strum’s home. (Gallantine) Chek negotiates with Gaius Sejanus for magical scrolls. Increased magical firepower will be neccasary to suceed versus the Orc camp in its entirety. Gaius is baffled that newcomers could ascertain his profession so quickly. He counteroffers for a even lower price and a lock of Chek’s hair if he will tell Gaius how he learned that he was a wizard. Chek did not tell Gaius how he knew. Chek impersonates the Avar scout the rest of the party saw yesterday to issue a gambit to the Luskan Scouts currently staying at the Amble Inn. Chek is impersonating a hordebreaker. They are advanced scouts dedicated to following a particular enemy of the barbarian tribe. He surmises that the one seen west of the village is tracking the Fire-Orcs. (Chek) Simon offers to lend his steel for what its worth to destroy to Orcs once and for all. (Simon)

Suns-day: Beyerl is staying with Ghelendar at the residence of Jacob and Marie Strum. Shortly after midnight, a well dressed, elderly gentlman knocks on the door. Speaking to Beyerl, he claims to be a old friend of Beyerl’s father. He states he can revive Ghelendar. Beyerl lets him in. He places a dark stone in Ghelendar’s mouth, nods to Beyerl and wishes him well in his adventures. Ghelendar is resurrected but horribly scarred from the flames. Beyerl hastily wakes Gisla to begin magical healing. Gallantine awakes during this commotion. He also uses what small magic he has left after the Orc raid. With the gambit set, at first light Chek leaves with Avar scouts towards the Orc Camp. Fedor refuses to help the PC’s outside of the town limits. Battered and bruised from the recent fighting the PC’s leave shortly after breakfast with Simon in tow toward the Orc Camp. PC’s find the camp and discover the captive paladin. Using Gisla’s communication magic, PC’s introduce themselves. From Tueros they learn a great deal about the Taunurruk Orcs, Luskan and its Chief and his wife, Delores. After scouting and stratagizing, the PC’s backtrack over the mountain towards the Hall of Souls. They notice Simon Post is no longer with them. Near dusk, Gallantine finally arrives with more news about developments in town. Gallantine provides information about his background. PC’s also learn general information about Shillsport history. General changes in the demeanor of Rufus, Gaius, or Fedor over the last couple of years. Simon reappears with a spear he claims is magical. In the early evening with two town elders away on business, Gaius Sejanus calls an emergency meeting at the AmbleInn to discuss recent events. The Commons remains closed today.

DONE. Characters recieve 250 x.p. for the plot exposition and troubleshooting/tactics concerning the Orc Camp. Beyerl earns additionally 500 x.p. for taking the initiative with the orphan boy and vigil over Ghelendar.

PC’s learn:

Frumgar’s wife, Delores visiting Shillsport as a ‘goodwill maiden’ tomorrow. (Gallantine) The Avar became a homesteading tribe after the sacking of Luskan seven years ago. Now the tribe is culturally split between the traditional nomadic ways and the townsfolk who inhabit Luskan. Nevertheless, both factions are loyal to Frumgar and his wife Delores. (Simon) Frumgar and Delores have been married for six years. (Simon) Tueros has been tracking Delores or evidence of her witching schemes acrossed the globe for the last nine years. (Tueros) Simon and Tueros are both from Sembia. Rufus may have been from there at some point. Gisla and Beyerl are from Sembia. Gallantine is from Silverymoon. He has been with Tueros for 18 months.(Gallantine) Chek, Zona, and Ghelendar are from the High Forest. Chek and Ghelendar were captives of the Avar for several years. Neither one really knows the whereabout of their parents or extended family. Zona’s parents were killed by Avar barbarians. Delores is rumoured to be a witch. She has the ability to walk here and there.(Tueros) Simon fears Gisla may targeted for Gaius’ wrath. (Simon) Simon thinks Gaius and Delores may be working together towards some nefarious magical end. (Simon) Shillsport is on the site formerly known as the Town of Brightwater. That town was nearly destroyed and then deserted fifteen years ago after the river over-ran its banks during the Time of Trouble. Rufus and Lexandrus’ claim of being twenty year residents and founders of Shillsport is an exaggeration. (Gallantine) Tueros believes the majority of the Orcs are dead. Only eleven remain. All the juveniles are dead thanks to the PC’s. (Tueros) These Orcs are actually Tanurruks, half orc, half ousider. They are sterile. They can only reproduce by infecting a host by rape. Gestation last three to five weeks. The host usually dies during whelping the larvae. The larvae are taken underground(Tueros) There is a underground tunnel network running underneath the camp with multiple exits above-ground. More captives are down there; gnomes, humans, other-things. Might be an underground stream or river.(Simon) An old friendly satyr named Melifulis lives in the cave on top of Salt Mine Mountain. A lot of treasure in the cave.(Chek) Magical Pillar in the cave surround by spirit effigies eight inches tall circling the pillar and the pentacled orb sitting on top of it. (Ghelendar). A Hall of Souls is in a nearby cave. This place is a magical construction used to house the power of a witch, hag, or warlock. (Tueros)

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