• Fedor


    Blacksmith, Fedor Melianko, fighter - weaponsmith expert. Short, broad-shouldered, bald and quiet. Seasoned and professional in all aspects of his life. He has never taken an apprentice in eight years in Shillspor
  • Jaque Mitter

    Jaque Mitter

    Farmers GuildMaster. Thin and hardworking. He speaks for all the farmers in Shillsport. Also maintains informal Shillsport militia for defending these lands.
  • Jared and Melanie Skirting

    Jared and Melanie Skirting

    Hostlers, Jared and Melanie Skirting. Consumate innkeepers. Lived in Shillsport for twenty years. Jared shares revenue from the kitchen with the Farmers Guild in exchange for fresh produce and meat. Jared owns minority shares in the Salt Mine. He hope
  • Gaius Sejanus

    Gaius Sejanus

    Moneychanger/Appraiser/enchanter. Bright-faced and smart. Long black hair pulled into a tight knot. Recently arrived in Shillsport last year. Quickly got into dire straits with bad trades. Now financially dependent on Rufus.
  • Gallantine


    Priest of Pelor third level cleric. Retainer to Tueros. Totally out his element in this bustling frontier trading town. Deeply concerned about his champions' whereabouts this spring. Has accepted a boon from Lexandrus to begin construction of a shrine
  • Lexandrus Tolemy

    Lexandrus Tolemy

    Broker/Antiquities Appraisal. He works alongside nearly every merchant in port and the Common. Exhaustive knowledge of commodity rates in the Western Heartland and the Dalelands. Long-time parter to Rufus. Used to act as money changer until Sejanus ar
  • Tueros


    Itinerant Paladinof Pelor. Tueros is the business end of Pelor's light. He accepts commisions all over the Northlands investigating wrongdoing and paving the way for proselytizers. He is a prodigal son. Brilliant leader, tactician, spiritual, learned